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Private Lessons and Coaching

Tailor-Made Private Lessons

In addition to my regular class schedule, I also offer private lessons. You will have the opportunity to systematically learn bellydance at your own pace, working on your own targets (such as the preparation for a performance, for instance).

Classes can be offered in German, Portuguese, English or French. 

Coaching for Performances and Dance Troupes

Do you already have dance experience but want to work on your individual needs? Or do you want to have a choreography especially tailor-made for you? 

During the personal coaching, we analyze your dance movements and work to improve your technique. Thanks to my years of performance experience, I am able to give you valuable tips to make your next appearance on stage a great success.

While coaching I can advise you on the following topics::


  • Music selection

  • Choreography selection

  • Choosing the right costume and accessories

  • Dealing with clients and audience

  • Dance for audiences from different cultures

  • Dos and don’ts during a performance

  • Show organization and sequence

  • Pitfalls of technology

  • Choreography advice

  • Video analysis

  • Tips for negotiating salary

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