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Bellydance for Kids & Teens

Kindertanzkurse in Luzern

Bellydance for Kids & Teens

Dance like Shakira

Due to popular demand, I also offer bellydance classes for children from the age of 8 years and teenagers.

Dancing means joy, movement and expression. Children bellydance meets the natural movement need of children. During the dance classes for kids and teens the main targets are having fun while dancing, as well as stimulating creativity. They start learning fundamental movements with playful and creative elements. We make use of a wide range of accessories such as hip scarves, veils, sticks, Isis wings, etc.

Coordination, concentration and rhythm are stimulated through bellydance. The children are creatively encouraged in their personality development. They not only learn the movements of classical bellydance, but I also bring elements of jazz, hip-hop, bollywood and many other dance styles. In this way kids and teens have the opportunity to discover new worlds and cultures and travel into the fairytale world of The Thousand and One Nights.

Benefits of bellydancing:

  • Discovery of music and rhythm

  • Learning to connect movements and music in a playful way

  • Strengthening self-confidence

  • Training the coarse and fine motor skills through targeted isolation movements

  • Strengthening of muscles and good posture

  • Fun in the group

  • Stimulation of concentration and coordination

  • Learning about other cultures and traditions


The courses take place in my dance studio in Kastanienbaum near Lucerne. You can find the current course schedule here.

New courses can be offered based on demand.

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