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Dunya - The Bellydancer

Tales from The Thousand and One Nights

Body, heart and soul merge full of passion into dance, telling tales from The Thousand and One Nights.

With Spanish and Portuguese roots, I was born in Brazil, a country where music and dance are as important as the air we breathe. I started dancing as a child with Samba in my blood. My first dance steps were taken in a ballet school in Rio de Janeiro. Yoga classes have helped me to know my body more deeply.

The World of Egyptian & Middle Eastern Belly dance

It is no coincidence that my name Dunya means «the world»! Having traveled around the world and lived in New Zealand, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates, I fell in love with Middle Eastern dance in Dubai.  Popularly known as belly dance or Raqs Sharqi in Arabic, this dance style, which embodies joy of life and passion, awoke a strong feeling of femininity in me, which until then I was completely unaware of. 

This passion led me to travel to Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey to study different dance styles. Gradually, I developed my own style.

Belly dance in Lucerne

Settled in Switzerland since 2004, I give dance classes in my own dance school in Kastanienbaum (Horw), Lucerne. I also perform at events and shows in Lucerne and everywhere in Switzerland and abroad as well as organize belly dance workshops and dance shows.

In harmony with the music, I manage to detach from everyday life in order to find myself.
I practice daily to improve my technique and style.

Dunya, Orientalischer Tanz in Luzern
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